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Message: Re: RUC OSO Missing GRIBS Fields

Posted by Michael Dross on 12 Oct 99, 21:15 MT, in response to Re: RUC OSO Missing GRIBS Fields, posted by Geoff Manikin on 12 Oct 99, 16:31 MT


I have reexamined the latest surface grib file:

with griblook, a WXP grib analysis tool, and it cannot find anything
close to CAPE, HELCY or CINH. It is usually very good locating all GRIBS
and complaining about ones it can't identify. So even if the GRIB Paramaters
changed with the FSL version of RUC2 I would expect to see some record of the
GRIB files. All of the other surface fields, TEMP, WINDS, PRESSURE, RH look

Do you know what GRIB parameters with CAPE, HELCY, CINGH changed?





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