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Message: Re: RUC OSO Missing GRIBS Fields

Posted by Geoff Manikin on 12 Oct 99, 16:31 MT, in response to RUC OSO Missing GRIBS Fields, posted by Mike Dross on 12 Oct 99, 16:01 MT


 This seems to be the same problem that was mentioned
 by Will Murray in his post (missing grids?) earlier
 today. Like the isobaric files, the surface grids DO
 contain the fields like CAPE, HLCY,....; the problem
 is likely with the unpacking tables. If the unpacking
 software doesn't have the right tables, it passes over
 certain fields without unpacking them. If you watch the
 output from the unpacking process, it will tell you that
 it "burped" on trying to unpack that field. If, however,
 you simply look at the unpacked file, there will be no
 trace of those missing fields.

 Please read my earlier reply to Will's message in which
 I point users to a new GEMPAK table that I have made


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