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Message: Re: missing grids?

Posted by Geoff Manikin on 12 Oct 99, 15:17 MT, in response to missing grids?, posted by Will Murray on 11 Oct 99, 22:07 MT

Will (and other users)-

 Thanks for pointing out this problem. I assume that
 you are using the NAGRIB program in GEMPAK to unpack
 the isobaric files? Assuming so, you'll notice when
 you run the program that it looks for a table called
 'fslgrib2.tbl' after it identifies FSL as the originating
 center. I'm sure that you and other users do not have
 this table. I didn't either, so I made one up.

 To access it, you need to do an anonymous ftp to the
 NCEP server. Ftp to, log in as 'anonymous,'
 and give your e-mail address as a password. Then cd
 to /pub/incomming/ruc2, and grab the file. (Note the
 goofy spelling on 'incomming' - not my doing!) Move
 this table into the directory where you are running
 NAGRIB, and I *think* everything should be ok. Feel
 free to e-mail me (geoffrey.manikin@noaa.gov) if you
 continue to have problems.

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