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Message: RUC Soundings now available

Posted by Bill Moninger on 7 Oct 99, 10:39 MT, in response to Selecting forcast parameters, posted by Ted Mavrotheris on 4 Oct 99, 10:09 MT


I delayed in answering your question about how to get soundings out to 36 hours until we actually had some current data to show.

I'm happy to report that we now have soundings from the RUC2 backup available on the soundings pages. These forecasts currently go out only to 12 h, but we should have the full complement of forecasts out to 36 h 'real soon now'. MAPS soundings are not currently available, because we've been focusing on getting the RUC2 backup up and running.

Now, in direct answer to your question, to get the maximum number of forecast soundings, simply ask for the latest data, and ask for a very large number of soundings, such as '21'. You'll then get all the forecast soundings that are currently available. Right now, you'll get forecasts out to 12 h, and when 36 h forecasts become available, you'll automatically get them (and any intervening forecasts) as well.


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