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Message: missing data for RUC last night 00-03Z

Posted by Stan Benjamin on 11 May 99, 15:32 MT

There was some kind of file read permission problem last night at the NCEP Computing Office, and there was no data available to the RUC for the 00-02Z runs and limited data at 03Z. Things got better by 04Z. Specifically, there was no raob data at 00z, and if you saw less-than-optimal results for RUC runs from last evening, now you know why.

Thanks to Phillip Bothwell of SPC for noticing that something had gone awry.

For those of you with access to the SDM log at NCEP, there is a message last night discussing this problem. The RUC2 obs logs under the RUC web page are missing many entries since we can no longer ftp into NCEP during the hours when the Cray does not allow interactive entries, but you can still see the data gap from last night there.

Stan Benjamin

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