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Message: Re: New NCEP computer status and RUC2 upgrades

Posted by Stan Benjamin on 7 Apr 99, 14:15 MT, in response to New NCEP computer status and RUC2 upgrades, posted by Phil Harvey on 7 Apr 99, 10:31 MT

Hi Phil,

Good question. Geoff Manikin and I haven't been able to find any NCEP web site yet with plans about the transfer of models to the new IBM SP-2. But here is what we know.

Transition of NCEP operational models to the SP-2 will take place in the May-August period. The global model is scheduled for May, the Eta for June, and the RUC by July, but may occur in May-June.

Initially, all models will be transferred in their current resolution to the SP-2, and then a few-several months later, there will be changes to all of the models with increased resolution to take advantage of the faster SP-2.

For the RUC, it is estimated that the SP-2 will allow a 20-25 km resolution. We have run 20km tests here already at FSL, and the RUC code seems to run efficiently in initial tests on the SP-2. We have already moved the code to the SP-2 and begun recompiling it there. The forecast model itself has been run a number of times -- it is the biggest CPU component of the RUC. The Eta anticipates a 22-25 km resolution.

There is a further upgrade to the SP-2 with more and faster processors planned for late 2000. This upgrade will allow further resolution, physics, and data assimilation improvements to all NCEP operational models.

I hope this information helps. This NCEP computer change really opens the doors to some major improvements and users will see some very significant benefits in the next year or two.


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