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Message: RUC-ETA 850 windspeed analysis diffs 12Z 8 March

Posted by Steve Silberberg on 8 Mar 99, 10:56 MT

Hi folks,

If you have a chance, check out the 850 mb windspeed analysis
differences between the Eta and the RUC for 12Z today 8 March.


The major differences are in the LLJ over the plains where the Eta has
a max of 74 knots and the RUC has an amorphous max of 50-56 knots.
This yields a windspeed difference between the analyses of 24 kts over
TX and OKie. I don't know which one is right, although there was one
aircraft ob on the difax analysis at 4000 feet with 70 kts over Ft.
Worth, TX. In fact, I never know which analysis is right, but I do
enjoy looking at the differences and helping improve our models. Hope this helps...


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