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Message: Re: bad Canadian sfc pressures in RUC

Posted by Steve Silberberg on 22 Feb 99, 10:10 MT, in response to bad Canadian sfc pressures in RUC, posted by Stan Benjamin on 20 Feb 99, 22:58 MT

Hello folks,

We started noticing a problem last Friday with our Eta-RUC 850 windspeed analysis intercomparisons performed in real-time using 211 grid data on our web site. An example of the impact on 850 windspeed analyses can be viewed at


The image name needs to be typed in exactly because we do not have a specific link to this image on our web site. Our web site just has the latest analysis intercomparisons with the Eta, but I store examples without links when I see particularly large differences.

The image above is a 4-panel image which is set up as:

Upper left: Eta 850 windspeed analysis
Upper right: RUC 850 windspeed analysis
Lower left: RUC-Eta analysis difference
Lower right: Absolute value of RUC-Eta analysis difference

The largest differences are over Saskatchewan (40 kts) but there are also large differences (~20 kts) over eastern Quebec and Newfoundland.

Of concern to me since I don't know how everything works is how surface data can affect 850 windspeeds where the surface is well below 850.

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