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Message: Re: upcoming RUC2 changes, 211 grid fix

Posted by Stan Benjamin on 23 Oct 98, 15:17 MT, in response to upcoming RUC2 changes, posted by Stan Benjamin on 29 Sep 98, 13:15 MT

The set of upgrades to the RUC2 previous posted is still awaiting implementation at NCEP, and it looks like it will be implemented the week of 2 November. Chalk it up to a backlog of changes at the NCEP Computing Office, many relating to Y2K changes, and the extra work there with getting ready for the Class 8 computer acquisition.

For those of you who use RUC output on the AWIPS 211 (80km grid), there is some very good news. It was discovered that the precision in those GRIB files was often too coarse (e.g., nearest 1K for temps, rather than 0.1K; nearest 1 m/s for winds). The blocky appearance of RUC temps, winds, vorticity.. from 211 grids will be greatly improved with a fix to this precision problem, which will go in with the other changes the 1st week of Nov (hopefully).



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