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Message: Re: pressure separation between sfc obs and model sfc pressure

Posted by Mary Cairns on 8 Oct 98, 14:59 MT, in response to pressure separation between sfc obs and model sfc pressure, posted by Stan Benjamin on 25 Sep 98, 9:37 MT


Thanks for doing this. Very interesting numbers. For Nevada, here's what I see
(the numbers are the pressure differences from your table):

Station mb (rounded)

RNO 57
LOL 28
TRK 25
TVL 24
WMC 33
ELY 41
P68 13
P38 37
TPH 18
LAS 49
LSV 51
O00 47
BLU 27

BIH 120

So, it looks like there is still a bit of difference say, for Reno. I'm surprised that the difference is so large for the LAS area, and for BIH (which appears to get rejected according to your table since it's >70mb). This might make some difference in your surface precip type, which is something we want to look at this winter.The higher delta-ps are mostly sites that are surrounded by higher terrain, i.e., RNO, ELY, O00, and to some extent LAS and LSV. Again, we'll try to look at during the winter a little more closely. I do like this information, and if it were possible to provide for each run (analysis) it would be great (though you do point out that if the site is not rejected in this list, then it more than likely won't be rejected at future times unless it's close to the 70mb cut off). Thanks for the information and quick response from the COMAP course.

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