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Message: pressure separation between sfc obs and model sfc pressure

Posted by Stan Benjamin on 25 Sep 98, 9:37 MT

I was asked a question in a COMET SOO lecture yesterday about how the RUC2 uses surface observations. This is addressed in the TPB at http://maps.fsl.noaa.gov/ruc2.tpb.html -- all sfc pressure and wind obs are used regardless of how large the pressure separation between the station pressure and the model pressure at that point. However, the temperature and dewpoint obs are only used if this pressure separation is 70 mb or less.

I was then asked how can one see if a particular station is getting T/Td into the RUC2. To answer this, a page has been set up to show the station pressure, model pressure, and separation for all sfc obs at a particular time. This list will be generally representative of what happens at other times. There were 13 US METARs that were not used at this time, and some from western Canada also. You can look at the list at http://maps.fsl.noaa.gov/forum/eval/sfcobs_dp.html. This list is also linked to now in the on-line TPB under the discussion about the sfc analysis in RUC2.



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