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Message: Re: RUC2

Posted by Tracy Lorraine Smith on 7 Jul 98, 17:10 MT, in response to RUC2, posted by Pat Ishihara-Sato on 7 Jul 98, 16:24 MT

Pat, many of your questions can be answered at the following URL:
(see message "new page summarizing RUC-2 access from OSO server" by Stan Benjamin).

The RUC-2 is run on a 40km grid that is nested inside the 80km CONUS 212 grid, NOT the old polar-stereo 60km grid of the RUC-1. There are 40 hybrid isentropic-sigma levels in the native grids as opposed to 25 in RUC-1.

You would probably want the standard output on the 93x65x37 80km AWIPS 211 grid (vertical levels are pressure, every 25 mb between 1000mb and 100mb) which include:

height, temperature, relative humidity, u and v components on every level

plus a mean sea level product

plus tropopause level pressure, potential temperature, u and v components

and maximum wind level pressure and u and v components

These files are available every 3 hours from the OSO server, and are identical to the old RUC-1 formats since they are interpolated fields. Hopefully the information in these files is an improvement over the old RUC-1 generated fields, though.

I hope this answers most of your questions, but feel free to ask more-

Tracy Lorraine Smith wearing my "Stan hat" since he's on vacation

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