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Message: RUC2

Posted by Pat Ishihara-Sato on 7 Jul 98, 16:24 MT

BACKGROUND: EDS provides flight planning services and several of the airlines have been inquiring about RUC2. At this time we are researching the product and need to determine the advantages of the product as well as how we would incorporate it into our system. Currently we retrieve the upper winds data from your server (GRIB format) twice a day.
1. The enhanced product for RUC2 is the 60-km data, correct?. We are interested in u,v wind components, temperature, tropopause level, max wind level. We're not quite sure if "potential temperature" is the temperature we
need. Also, it seems that tropopause level & max wind level are not
available. Can this product be used for flight planning as oppose to Grid 211?
2. To take advantage of the product's increase number of flight levels, we would need to alter our system to use all 40 as oppose to the 9 levels we get today. Is this correct?

Thanks for your time...Pat


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