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Message: Re: RUCII surface grib files & PC-GRIDDS

Posted by Jeff Krob on 28 Apr 98, 8:34 MT, in response to RUCII surface grib files & PC-GRIDDS, posted by Michael Dross on 21 Apr 98, 2:17 MT


On the OSO FTP Server, you have to get the GRIB files from the ncepe/p211grib
directory. These GRIB files have been converted to the 211 Grid that PCGRIDDS knows about. Regretfully, PCGRIDDS can't read the Grid definition in the GDS section, which is what grid type 255 means (undefined - Grid in GDS). Maybe we can convince Ralph Peterson to change that in the next PCGRIDDS relase ;-).

Now, the GRIB files in the OSO root directory (us008_gf086_98042800) are RUC2 (I guess) but are about half the size (500K vs. 1M). I'm not sure what the diference is, but they both work.

Jeff Krob


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