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Message: Re: RUCII surface grib files & PCGRIDDS

Posted by Tom Salem on 21 Apr 98, 12:55 MT, in response to RUCII surface grib files & PC-GRIDDS, posted by Michael Dross on 21 Apr 98, 2:17 MT

I have been able to get the RUC-II data into PCGRIDDS format.

To display the RUC-II data correctly with PCGRIDDS each office will need to change a file on each PC that runs PCGRIDDS.

The file that must be changed is "MAPTYPE.DAT". It is in the PCGRIDDS\DATA directory.

Change the line beginning with RUC4 from

RUC4 95. 12.19000 133.4590 40.63525 25.0 185 129 NLCC


RUC4 95. 16.28000 126.1378 40.63525 25.0 151 113 NLCC

Without this change the PCGRIDDS data will be misplaced 4 degrees South and 7 degrees West.

If you are ingesting the data you have to change 2 more files. Both files are in the PCGRIDDS\GRIB directory.

Add the following line to GRIBMODL.DAT

105 RUC

And add the following line to GRIBSPEC.DAT

255 1151 1113 4 RUC 2 40km grid

The 2 files above determine the output filename, it will be RU4. RU is from the GRIBMODL.DAT file and the 4 is from the GRIBSPEC.DAT file.

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