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Message: Re: Probs w/ posting of RUC2 on OSO server

Posted by Stan Benjamin on 7 Apr 98, 8:33 MT, in response to Probs w/ posting of RUC2 on OSO server, posted by Stan Benjamin on 6 Apr 98, 13:08 MT

The 40km RUC2 grids are getting posted to the OSO server now and have been
at least since 04Z. NCEP is working on getting the 211 grids posted there also
and hopes to have that working by later today.

The RUC2 AWIPS211 grids on the OSO server will be in the directory
/ncepe/p211grib, next door to the other RUC2 grid products also under
/ncepe. The RUC2 BUFR soundings are in /ncepc/snd, as before.


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