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Message: Probs w/ posting of RUC2 on OSO server

Posted by Stan Benjamin on 6 Apr 98, 13:08 MT

There have been problems with posting of the operational RUC2 grids on the
OSO server from the operational runs on Cray3. The grids and soundings that
should be on /ncepe and /ncepc/snd aren't getting there now because of
a problem with a file alert message. NCEP is working on this and hopes it
will be working later today.

Also, the AWIPS 211 grids that are supposed to be produced from the RUC2
are not getting put into the /RUC directory where they have been previously
been available from RUC1. NCEP is working on getting this taken care of,
also, but it will probably take until tomorrow. In the interim, if you can adapt
quickly, the 211 files do exist on the OSO server, but in another location.
They can be found under the main directory when you log in anonymously
under file names that start with us008_gf086.... The exact naming convention for
these RUC grid 211 files is available under http://www.nws.noaa.gov/oso/ftpgenl.shtml.
Go to the bottom of this web page for info on RUC grids.

This information is from Laurie Morone at NCEP, and the page will be updated
with more information as it becomes available.


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