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Message: Pretty interesting RUC2/40km MAPS products

Posted by Stan Benjamin on 30 Mar 98, 13:47 MT

There are some nice new capabilities for looking at 40km MAPS data on the MAPS/RUC homepage ( http://maps.fsl.noaa.gov). These include:

** loops of selected fields at 1-h frequency up to 48 h long. The fields include sfc temps, dewpoint, winds, 500mb h/vort, and 250mb winds. These are very intersting, esp. with the 1h resolution.

** interactive sounding capability with any online analyses (currently about over the last 16 h)

** turbulence diagnostics at flight levels from 1000 to 45000 ft. This page also has a nice interactive interface.

Thanks to Kevin Brundage, Bill Moninger, and Adrian Marroquin of FSL for their work on setting these up. We will be working on expanding to additional fields/grids over the next couple of months.



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