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Message: Re: Questions about RUC-2...

Posted by Stan Benjamin on 7 Mar 98, 15:36 MT, in response to Questions about RUC-2..., posted by Paul Decker on 4 Mar 98, 10:44 MT

As we spoke about on the phone, the 60km grids will no longer be available from the RUC2. The 80km grids are indeed the AWIPS 211 grids, so those will be produced from RUC2, with the same products now available from RUC1. We recommend, of course, going to the 40km grids, for which more products are available and with better resolution (spatial, obviously, but temporal as well, since AWIPS 211 grids are available only every 3 h instead of the full 1-h resolution that RUC2 runs at.

For more info on the RUC2 grids on the OSO server, see http://maps.fsl.noaa.gov/forum/eval/?read=1079 which was posted on 1 Dec 98.

Also, as you've probably already noticed, you've got another week to get ready for the operational RUC2 -- now planned for the week of 16 Mar 98.


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