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Message: Post-processing fixes

Posted by Stan Benjamin on 2 Mar 98, 10:26 MT

There have been a few post-processing fixes made:

Convective inhibition - now negative in analysis, as was previously the case for forecasts. - fixed Tuesday Feb 24 at 1200 UTC

u/v storm motion output fields added to isobaric main output

The following problems were fixed this morning (1200 UTC), correcting errors introduced last Tuesday:
CAPE/CIN - now again using correct routine in forecast. Was producing too low values at forecast times.

1000 mb fields - was putting out 100 mb data -- corrected now.

Extrapolation to isobaric levels below ground was wrong -- corrected.

The post-processing overall is now faster still, maybe by a few minutes as of Tuesday's change. These few minutes were critical for getting overall RUC2 time below an NCEP limit, so things are on track for implementation next week. Keep in mind that "critical weather" days can cause a delay, as happened with the Eta32 implementation.


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