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Message: Re: Files on OSO server

Posted by Stan Benjamin on 19 Feb 98, 14:02 MT, in response to Re: Files on OSO server, posted by Phil Harvey on 19 Feb 98, 11:44 MT

Hi Phil,

The output file frequency will stay as it is now (0,1,2,3,6,9,12) probably until we can move the RUC-2 post-processing to another computer. We are continuing to work on ways to improve the efficiency of the post-processing, which is not very good on the Cray even though it goes very quickly on the SGI workstation we test on at FSL. So, we are trying to avoid having the post-processing tail wag the RUC-2 dog.

Thanks for posting your concern here. I know many others share it, along with the need for reorganizing the BUFR sounding files. We'll be working with NCEP to make further improvements in the post-processing area.


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