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Message: Re: Files on OSO server

Posted by Stan Benjamin on 18 Feb 98, 11:37 MT, in response to Files on OSO server, posted by Tom Salem on 18 Feb 98, 9:59 MT


There was a script problem put in for yesterday's 21Z run that prevented the 6-h, 9-h, and 12-h post-processing output from being generated for 21Z, 00Z, 03Z, 06Z, and 09Z last night. (This problem was corrected today.) Then we lost Cray5 due to the systems work. Yesterday, 12Z and 15Z runs were lost due to the Eta problems (see yesterday's message). All of this is on the heels of just getting back up yesterday morning after the weekend problems with no Eta boundary conditions and the post-processing problem that prevented runs Monday but was fixed before the 12Z run yesterday. (Yesterday morning seems like a week ago right now.) So that is why you've had no 6,9,12-h fcsts most of the time for the last few days. Normally you will have them every 3 hours.

Part of the post-processing change made last Thursday for better efficiency was that we are no longer producing the supplemental isobaric file (mostly cloud variables). These variables are still available via the native file. This is my fault for not making that clear. We have discussed this change quite a bit with Aviation Weather Center, for whom the supplemental isobaric file (with cloud variables) was primarily intended.


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