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Message: Files on OSO server

Posted by Tom Salem on 18 Feb 98, 9:59 MT

I have been trying to download a full set of output files for one run
of the RUC-2 model from the OSO server, however there have been
problems the last several days/weeks. These do not seem to be related
to the Eta-32 problems.

The problems are:

* The 6, 9, and 12-hr forecasts from a particular model run are not available for any of the grids (Native, Isobaric, or surface). There was one exception in the last 2 days that was for the 18Z run on 17 Feb.

* The supplemental grid as not been written to the OSO server since 12 Feb.

Are the 00, 1, 2, and 3-hr forecast the only ones that will be avialable
for all the model runs, including the 00 Z, 03 Z, 06 Z, etc. runs.


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