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Message: CAFTI approval, impl planned for wk of 2/23

Posted by Stan Benjamin on 10 Feb 98, 9:40 MT

The NWS CAFTI (Committee on Analysis and Forecast Techniques Implementation) meeting was held in Silver Spring, MD last Thursday afternoon. Laurie Morone and I gave a presentation on the differences between RUC2 and RUC1, results from the field evaluation, and some statistical results. The result was that the CAFTI gave their approval for the RUC2 implementation.

With the delay of the Eta32 implementation until yesterday, due, in part, to many critical weather days (when changes cannot occur at NCEP), the RUC2 implementation is also being pushed back, to the week of 23 Feb. Next week is a system week at NCEP, so no changes can occur in that period either.

The CAFTI approval is a significant milestone. Many of you have been key participants in getting to this point, so you share in this accomplishment.


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