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Message: Re: fixes to BUFR sfc elev, helicity, 30mb means

Posted by Stan Benjamin on 28 Jan 98, 9:02 MT, in response to Re: fixes to BUFR sfc elev, helicity, 30mb means, posted by Phil Harvey on 26 Jan 98, 11:14 MT

Hi Phil,

Glad the changes for sfc elevation seem correct to you.

Yes, the RUC-2 is scheduled to go operational on 11 Feb. An NWS approval committee (CAFTI - Committee on Analysis and Forecast Techniques Implementation) is meeting on 5 Feb to hear results from the RUC-2 evaluation (which are quite good). Pending approval from CAFTI, which we expect, and some computer moves of RUC-2 (back to the faster Cray-3), 11 Feb is the date.

Thanks for your questions and comments. If you have been looking at RUC-2 enough to make some summary comments about its performance relative to RUC-1, send me some email in the next couple of days and we can attach it to the other reports from the subjective evaluation phase we've been going through.


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