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Message: incomplete profiler and VAD winds in RUC2

Posted by Stan Benjamin on 23 Jan 98, 13:11 MT

There have been some problems getting profiler and VAD winds into RUC2 that you may be interested in hearing about.

Because of a timing problem, no NOAA 405 MHZ profiler winds had been getting into RUC2 until Thursday 8 January, when a fix was made.

Second, the number of VAD winds getting into RUC2 has been too small, only about 30 stations. This is not a timing problem, since late dumps show the same number of VAD stations. NCEP is investigating this problem now.

My apology for not getting out the word on the profiler wind situation sooner. The discovery and correction occurred amid a few other fixes and preparation for the AMS conference. The fact that VADs report more than once per hour was giving report counts that fooled us into think we had more complete data. So now you know as much of the story as we developers/implementers do at this time.

Another update will be posted when we find out more about VADs.



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