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Message: fixes to BUFR sfc elev, helicity, 30mb means

Posted by Stan Benjamin on 16 Jan 98, 16:18 MT, in response to BUFR data, posted by Phil Harvey on 14 Jan 98, 14:15 MT


Thanks for your message on the sfc elevation. A set of fixes to output was made today starting with the forecasts from the 19Z run. They include:

1) the sfc elevation for each station in the BUFR file is now the MODEL elevation at the nearest grid point to the station, not the actual station elevation. Thanks to Phil Harvey for pointing this out. Note that all BUFR sounding stuff is not interpolated to the exact location, but is from the nearest RUC2 grid point. With the 40km grid, this means that it could be off from the actual location by as much as 28 km if the station was located almost exactly between 4 RUC2 grid points diagonally.

2) the helicity is fixed, after having been bad since 7 Jan. Thanks to Josh Korotky at PIT for pointing this out.

3) a fix was made for the GRIB identifiers for the 30-mb mean layer variables. Now, the higher level is listed first instead of the lower level in the GRIB PDS section.


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