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Message: Re: precip water and CAPE

Posted by Dan Petersen on 9 Jan 98, 3:44 MT, in response to precip water and CAPE, posted by Stan Benjamin on 8 Jan 98, 7:42 MT


Thanks for quickly getting the precipitable water running in the main isobaric group. I'll also watch the new CAPE to see how it works. The next several days look benign, so it'll be a while before I get a good look.

As for the onshore flow dilemma, once you get away from coastal development,
interior Florida(except Orlando) is mostly open territory consisting of pasture land
with a tree here or there broken up with an occasional patch of woods
(roughly 75% open pasture, 25% woods as a first guess). Holton's Introduction to Dynamic Meteorology suggests a roughness length of 1-4cm for grassy fields, so you can decide whether it would be worth lowering roughness length a little.
The onshore flow persisted through last week and I found cases in which the
backing was temporary and cases in which backing persisted throughout the daytime (these were from 09z model run evaluations).


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