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Message: miscellaneous

Posted by Dan Petersen on 6 Jan 98, 10:26 MT

I missed the conference call since each time I dialed in, the operator would give me
a "number disconnected" message. Anyway, here's my input:

- Is it possible to add precipitable water as a variable within the main isobaric set?
I noticed it is listed within the native coordinates dataset, but would like it (or its functional equivalent) within the isobaric dataset.

- Stan and I previously discussed the problem of too much precip over warm water. The flip side is that there's not enough over the Fl peninsula, and the CAPE forecasts
are too low. This morning's 09z RUCII developed surface based LI's averaging -2
but insignificant CAPEs. 12z soundings ranged from 500 J/KG to 1000 J/KG and scattered showers have developed over the peninsula. The previous eta model forecasts maintaned CAPE values of >500 all day, so the problem is likely within RUCII. In fact, the diurnal trend is a slight reduction in CAPE during the day. CAPE is developed within
negative LI's over the Gulf of Mexico today, but not Fl.

- The other issue I hope to have addressed is that when the winds are east along the Fl east coast (perpendicular to coast), the RUCII surface and boundary layer winds back too much on the land side, by as much as 60 degrees. This in turn creates too much coastal convergence. There are cases in which the backing was temporary, and others in which the problem persisted throughout the 12hr cycle.

Let me know if you need any clarifications.
Regards, Dan

NWS Melbourne Fl


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