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Message: output fixes in RUC2

Posted by Stan Benjamin on 22 Dec 97, 16:01 MT

Some output fixes were implemented today in RUC2. One of them was to get the long-awaited BUFR soundings output from RUC2. These soundings are not getting to the OSO server yet, but may be by tomorrow (Tuesday).

The outages of RUC2 runs today were related to getting the BUFR soundings going. As of the 21Z run, things seem to be running OK, and the 18Z run (processed late) also has BUFR soundings. None of this does most of you any good until the BUFR files get to OSO, of course.

Here is a summary of the fixes made, most of which were discussed in the telecon last Monday:

1) isobaric levels now start at 1000 mb, no 1050 or 1025 levels

2) terrain height added to isobaric main output

3) top-down freezing level fields (z,p,RH) added to isobaric main output

4) CAPE and CIN no longer smoothed on output from forecast only. Appearance is now much more similar for analysis and forecast.

5) Smoother MAPS sea-level pressure in vicinity of Colorado - more smoothing of 700 mb temps used in reduction.

6) precipitation type no longer output at analysis times. These fields were junk.

7) BUFR soundings. We are working with Peggy Bruehl and NCEP on this. NCEP/OSO is working on getting the sounding files to the OSO server, and Peggy will provide scripts for reading the RUC2 sounding data.

As discussed last week, the Great Lakes sfc temp problem was fixed at that time for both the RUC2 and all Eta runs.


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