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Message: Ruc2 surface grid questions

Posted by Rusty Pfost on 10 Dec 97, 9:38 MT

I have two questions on the surface grids of the Ruc2

(1) The pressure tendency grid is PTND and the units are Pa/sec^-1. Is this grid
3 hourly pressure tendency or 1 hour pressure tendency. Obviously, in order to
display it correctly, we will have to multiply by 3600 (60x60) to get it back to 1 hour, and then by 3 again to get it to 3 hrs? Hope someone can clear this up
for me.

(2) Is the CAPE/CIN grid in the surface file surface based? We had a case last night (05Z 12-10-97) where it looked like elevated CAPE was being displayed because of the magnitude (1000-1500 J/kg over Alabama). Will this grid always
be "best" CAPE (elevated, surface based, or SCAPE?)

Thanks for your time.

Rusty Pfost, SOO JAN


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