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Message: Re: Grid output times

Posted by Stan Benjamin on 3 Dec 97, 17:37 MT, in response to Grid output times, posted by Phil Harvey on 3 Dec 97, 12:45 MT


If we can get to the point where the RUC2 post-processing is done offline on another computer, then it might be possible to add bac output at 4,5,7,8,10,11 h. Do you or anyone else really need it? It is nice for hourly loops. I don't think these times will become available during the field test. The post-processing time on each hour output is NOT being offlined right now, and it really adds up as far as the clock time is concerned.

As to extending to 15-18 h, our prescribed niche at NCEP is to run only to 12h as a high-frequency short-range forecast. Yes, there has been discussion before of running out, say, to 15h at 9z and 21z to get a forecast valid out to that raob time. Could users make good use of this? (not that we could add it in the immediate future)

In experimental runs at FSL, there will be tests out to 36h starting in a few months. You can watch for news about that in the main web page ( http://maps.fsl.noaa.gov). But nothing like that is planned for NCEP. This has to do with preparing for longer-range observation sensitivity testing that we will be doing at FSL with RUC2.



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