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Message: Newer start for field test - 15 Nov

Posted by Stan Benjamin on 13 Sep 97, 15:10 MT

Dear field test participants,

Here's an update on the progress on the implementation of the RUC-II software at NCEP and a new target date for the field test.

A problem was recently encountered with the determination that the RUC-II software tested on workstations at FSL was using much more memory than could be allocated for it on the NCEP Cray. At first, the solution to this problem seemed to necessitate using coarser resolution and even degrading model physics. However, a review of memory use in the RUC-II programs was made, with subsequent changes in software, has resulted in a new version of RUC-II software that fits into the RUC-II memory allocation on the Cray without any loss of resolution of model physics. There is still a chance of a slight reduction in the domain size (a few grid points on each side), but we are hopeful that this, too, can be avoided.

With this delay and nearing the point to resume the Cray implementation, a new field test period has been set for 15 November - 15 December 1997. This date has been coordinated with NCEP, the Aviation Weather Center, the Storm Prediction Center, and the FAA.

We plan to have grids available on the OSO server by 1 month before the anticipated field test beginning.

To make communcation more widespread, we suggest that, whenever possible, the RUC Evaluation web site http://maps.fsl.noaa.gov/forum/eval be used for further discussion, questions, and answers

Thanks for your continued patience.

Tom Schlater and Stan Benjamin

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