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Message: Buoy data in the RUC

Posted by Steve Zubrick on Tuesday, 3 June 1997, at 2:35 a.m. MT

It's good to see the list of participants for the upcoming RUC-II evaluation. Given that our office is involved with the SCAN/WDSS evaluations this summer, I doubt is we will have much time to actively participate in the RUC-II eval. However, I'll likely make the GRIB/GEMPAK fields available for our staff via GARP/NTRANS.

My question...since our office is located near the coast, maritime influence of our weather often occurs (as I write this we have an ENE winds of about 15 kt, temps around 15 Deg C and low cieling and drizzle/lgt rain--welcome to spring in DC!!). What is the schedule for processing the buoy reports in the RUC (and RUC-II)?

Thanks and Good Luck!!

Steve Zubrick SOO/WSFO/WBC


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