RUC domain information files

RUC 13km grid information - topography, mini-topography, lat/lon, land/use, grid parameters (MAPSCON)
Land/water masks also from 13km RUC for native grid at 13km but also for interpolated grids to 20km and 40km resolution.
Water value - 0, land value - 0.10.

RTMA 5km topography (used for RUC-RTMA downscaling) (go to *ndfdtopo-5km* files)

The following files are available, all in ascii (format - 15F8.3).

20km Latitude/Longitude (1,092 Kilobytes)

20km Topography (546 Kilobytes)

20km Land-use - (FORTRAN format - (13(22F6.2/),15F6.2) (409 Kilobytes)

Land-use categories - lookup for albedo, roughness length, emissivity (2 Kilobytes)

20km Minimum Topography used for 2m temp/dewpoint (546 Kilobytes)

40km Latitude/Longitude (275 Kilobytes)

40km Topography (137 Kilobytes)

40km Minimum Topography Used for Diagnosis of Sfc Temp/Dewpoint (137 Kilobytes)

60km Latitude/Longitude (81 Kilobytes)

60km Topography (40 Kilobytes)

FORTRAN subroutine to interpolate from hybrid-b to isobaric surfaces (33 Kilobytes)

README file for conversions between RUC-2 conus and RUC-1 polar sterographic

Example FORTRAN - convert grid to RUC40 grid code (uses w3fb11.f)

FORTRAN subroutine - w3fb12.f

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