Weather Research and Forecasting model coupled to Chemistry (WRF-Chem)

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Georg Grell (lead), NOAA/ESRL/GSD
Mary Barth, NCAR
Saulo R. Freitas, Centro de Previsao de Tempo e Estudos Climaticos, Brazil
Gabriele Pfister, NCAR
Greg Carmichael, University of Iowa
Jerome Fast, PNL
John McHenry, Baron Advanced Meteorological Systems
Stuart McKeen, NOAA/ESRL/CSD

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Jeff McQueen, NCEP
Jon Pleim, EPA
Kenneth L. Schere, EPA
Bill Skamarock, NCAR
Rainer Schmitz, University of Chile, Chile, University of Chile
Doug Westphal, USN Research Lab
Julius Chang, National Central University, Taiwan


The mission of the atmospheric chemistry working group is to guide the development of the capability to simulate chemistry and aerosols — online as well as offline — within the WRF model.  The resulting WRF-Chem model will have the option to simulate the coupling between dynamics, radiation and chemistry. Uses include forecasting chemical-weather, testing air pollution abatement strategies, planning and forecasting for field campaigns, analyzing measurements from field campaigns and the assimilation of satellite and in-situ chemical measurements.

Operational Forecasts using WRF-Chem

Operational and Real-time Air Quality Forecasts using WRF-Chem from around the globe


Community Involvement

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