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Erroneous RUC 2m temp in Bufkit

Posted By: Bryan Tugwood
Date: 4-January-08 2322Z


Here in Ontario we have been using Bufkit to view American model data from the NAM and GFS. We just recently started downloading the RUC Bufkit profiles from Penn State ftp://ftp.meteo.psu.edu/pub/bufkit/RUC/

However, the data displayed in Bufkit is producing completely unrealisitic low level temperature inversions wihch do not verifiy at all. It is not only observed with the profiles generated from Penn State, but also from profiles it tried via NWS Buffalo.

I am using Bufkit version 71.78 to view the profiles.

I have profile samples but could not attach them to this message. In the example I have, basically the RUC is producing completely unrealistic inversions at night. For example for CYYZ, the 12Z nam shows the temperature near 0C from 22-07Z while the corresponding RUC generates a -10C temperature at 0700Z. This is completely unrealistic and did not verifiy at all. YOu can try downloading profiles from the Penn State site and compare the NAM and RUC for teh same time period (especially at night) and you will see huge differences. If you verify you should notice the NAM is much better and the RUC is completely unrealistic.

I've seen this problem in the past with the NAM and it was related to the models parameterization of snow on the ground generating/maintaining strong low level inversions unrealistically.

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